Concussion Management

Concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury, and concussion in sport has created significant social awareness of the need for prevention, recognition and management of head injuries. Motor vehicle accidents, work injuries and falls can also cause concussion.


Our clinic has been instrumental in creating Concussion Protocols for local sport organizations, such as soccer and Jr A hockey. In addition, we created a Concussion Protocol for the 2016 BC Winter Games held in Penticton. It is recommended that all sport organizations have a Concussion Protocol in place to guide coaches, parents and players on recovery plans that keep up with current information.

Early Management

Recovery from concussion requires a knowledgeable healthcare team. Our clinic staff have completed recognized courses on concussion management, and are able to guide clients of all ages through recovery protocols.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

For the few clients that have persistent concussion symptoms beyond the expected recovery timelines, we can provide assessment and treatment aimed at assisting in the recovery. As part of the healthcare team, physiotherapists provide treatment for balance, visual disturbance, graded exercise, and return to sport or work. In addition, manual therapy may have a role in treatment of persistent headache related to neck trauma at the time of injury.